Calendar of Events 2018

Feb.  5     11:30am      Regular Meeting                 Wilder Mansion

Feb. 14    12:30pm.    Garden Therapy.                  Epiphany Lutheran Church

Feb. 22    10:00am     C & E: Book Discussion      Elmhurst Public Library

Feb. 27    10:00am     Board Meeting                      Elmhurst Public Library

Mar 5.     11:15am.      Regular Meeting                   Wilder Mansion

Mar 13.   10:00am     Hort: Winter Sowing.          Elmhurst Public Library

Mar 14.   12:30am      Garden Therapy.                  Epiphany Lutheran Church

Mar14 – 18                   Flower & Garden Show.

Mar 16                         GCI: Spring Meeting             Abbington, Glen Ellyn

Mar 27   10:00am     Board Meeting.                      Elmhurst Public Library

Mar 29/30     9:30am.    Ways & Means  – Assemble raffle baskets.

Apr 5      11:30am       Annual Spring Luncheon    Butterfield C.C.

Apr 11.   12:30pm       Garden Therapy                   Epiphany Lutheran Church

Apr. 17    10:00am      Hort: Tool Sharpening Demo and Workshop

Apr. 25     10:00am.   C&E:  Hummingbird workshop and stories

Apr. 28 Ray Graham Gardens: Clean-up and work day

Apr 29/30.                   GCI: Annual State Convention

May 1 Board Meeting: First board meeting with new board            Elmhurst Public Library

May 7 Regular Meeting: Annual Plant Sale                                         Wilder Mansion

May 9 Garden Therapy                                                                             Epiphany Lutheran Church

May 11 Garden Walk Committee meeting                                            Elmhurst Public Library

May 24 Conservation Field Trip: A Walk in the Woods

May 26 NEW Field Trip Molly’s Organic Farm

May 29 Board Meeting                                                                            Elmhurst Public Library

May 30 Herb garden planting day, 8:30am                                       Wilder Park

June 4 Regular meeting                                                                         Wilder Mansion

June 11 Garden Walk meeting

June 13 Garden therapy                                                                       Epiphany Lutheran Church

June 14 Horticulture Field Trip: Member Garden Walk to Norma Farrell’s house

June 20 Herb garden work day                                                        Wilder Park

July 6 Herb garden work day                                                             Wilder Park

July 8 Garden Walk and Faire                                                           Wilder Park

July 18 Herb garden work day

August 8 Herb garden work day                                                         Wilder Park

August 21 Horticulture: Guided prairie walk Morton Arboretum

September 4 Board meeting                                                                Elmhurst Public Library

September 10 Regular meeting                                                            Wilder Mansion

September 26 New Member Welcome Coffee                                  Diane Roubitchek’s