Community Projects

Elmhurst Garden Walk & Faire – This is the club’s largest fund-raising activity for the year and all profit is donated to educational scholarships, local, cultural or charitable causes. It includes the viewing of several private & public gardens located throughout historic Elmhurst. The Faire, in Wilder Park consists of a craft boutique.

Kitchen Expedition/House Walk – EGC members use their floral design skills to decorate a home for this Elmhurst Junior Womens’ Club fund-raiser. The EGC & EJWC help community outreach organizations as needed.

Elizabeth’s Friendship Walk Herb Garden – Located in Wilder Park, this 8,800-square-foot garden project won First Place for Landscape Design from the National Council of State Garden Clubs. The garden contains over 50 varieties of culinary, medicinal and fragrant herbs. This project is a joint effort between the Elmhurst Garden Club and the park district. Members meet at the Herb Garden in the spring for planting day, in the summer to prepare the garden for the Garden Walk and Faire, and in the fall to clean up the garden and put it to rest for the winter.

Garden Therapy – Meets the 3rd Wednesday of every month except July and August. Meetings are held at Epiphany Lutheran Church on Vallette and Spring Roads at 1:00pm. Members work with clients of the Adult Day Care Center. Each client makes a floral arrangement or plant to take home.


College Scholarship Program – Created to award financial aid to undergraduate sophomore, junior or senior students who are Illinois residents majoring in the fields of horticulture, agriculture, conservation, ecology, landscape design, science education.

York High School Summer Experiential/Exploratory Scholarship Program – Created to encourage students to attend a summer program, camp or college course exploring the general fields of science and horticulture.

York High School Garden Club

– The Elmhurst Garden Club is a sponsor and advisor to the York High School Garden Club. Students are learning how to plan and grow a garden as well as environmental and sustainability issues. It is a project based learning experience in environmental science, engineering, numeracy and literature.

Ray Graham’s Elmhurst Community Learning Center Garden

– A garden project starting from the ground up to establish a sustainable garden for the Ray Graham participants to learn from and enjoy. This long term partnership will include a butterfly garden, certified Monarch Waystation, landscaping projects to the Learning Center property, development of the greenhouse program and whatever our imagination and resources lead us.